Endorsing Organizations

AIA | TACO 2020 Conference Rome

A.I.A. – Associazione Italiana di Anglistica

A.I.A. (Italian Association of English Studies) was established with the main objective of promoting and encouraging English Studies in Italy, supporting and coordinating scientific research in this area, facilitating contacts between Italian scholars and scholars in English-speaking countries, and promoting publications in English Studies.

ANDA | TACO 2020 Conference Rome

A.N.D.A. – Associazione Nazionale Docenti di Anglistica

The Association aims to promote and support the teaching and study of English literature and “cultural studies” at the Italian University, acting as interpreter in the Ministry and in academic bodies; organize conferences, seminars or meetings; publish conference proceedings, handouts or anything else useful to achieve the purpose of the association.

IASEMS | TACO 2020 Conference Rome

IASEMS – Italian Association of Shakespearean and Early Modern Studies

IASEMS hopes to become the home of all scholars and students working within early modern English Studies, to involve in its projects theatre and cinema professionals and all those who are interested in the Renaissance in Europe.

Alma Mater Studiorum Forlì | TACO 2020 Conference Rome

University of Bologna, Department of Interpretation and Translation

The University of Bologna’s Department of Interpretation and Translation aims at fostering the study of intercultural communication both in the form of interpreter and translator training and as top-quality research in the fields of Interpreting and Translation Studies. The Taboo Conference originated at DIT, particularly as a result of research inquiries into the intersection of taboo, humour, and audiovisual translation.